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Meet Our TEAM


I'm a Coach, Community Builder and Experience Planner. I love bringing amazing people together for authentic experiences that last a lifetime because of the personal growth and the genuine connections that took place.


I wore many hats in my corporate career (Engineer, PM, Team Lead, Recruiter, Account Executive) and great teams were always at the heart it for me. Last year, I took a sabbatical to travel, see old friends and re-assess my priorities so the chance to join forces on FAIL Series was a beautiful case of the stars aligning.

In my free time, you'll find me hosting friends, attending philosophy meet-ups, learning languages (5 and counting) and playing, watching, organizing and coaching soccer!

I've always found myself being curious and insatiable, which forces me to be daring and constantly ask 'why?' or 'why not?'


Living my life by this code, and translating fail into curiosity and learning, has shaped who I have become. I have applied this philosophy in my work, leading me to become a Partner at IBM, in my personal life, ending up buying a hobby farm that brings the family together, and in my love for coaching and helping others get inspired, and find their superpower.


My love for traveling and being a consultant have made me a globe trotter and I've been to 51 countries so far. I also love playing chess (blitz chess) and going on snowboarding trips.

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I'm a cultural change agent, who celebrates creativity and thinking outside of the box. 


I create a safe space for people to grow and collaborate, with a focus on empathy, authenticity, and growth mindset. I am inspired by the opportunity we collectively have to advocate equality and change in the workplace. I believe the human experience matters above all else, and that without it, our technology will fail its true potential. This has been my guiding light throughout my career, as a Senior Manager, Consultant, and as a Learning Facilitator.

On the weekends, you can find me at the beach, in the forest, or driving my truck through big puddles. I'm a dad to two silly and lovable bulldogs, and a growing family of plants. I enjoy playing and creating music, exploring mental & physical wellness, while practicing positivity and authenticity.

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