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You work hard and have already accomplished quite a bit in work and in life.


But for you, achievement is not only about money or the status it brings. 

It's about putting your talents to use in service of something greater than yourself, while sharing the adventure with a community of like-minded people. 

You've come to a crossroads in your life, you've realized the path you are on will not give you the fulfillment you seek but haven't been able to decide what's next.

If you are feeling increasingly disengaged with work and this is seeping into all parts of your life, making your family and friends wonder what's going on. 


If you feel overwhelmed and alone in balancing the competing expectations of family, work and perhaps the lofty dreams of your younger self. 


If you are still showing up and doing the work, but not with the energy and passion you used to and you're not sure how much longer you can keep this up.

Then you have plateaued. It's time to set your eyes on a new peak. 

It's time to RISE 


it's time for a new path

How do we break through the stagnation?


How can we believe that we can attain that new peak, and RISE to pursue a new path where WORK/LIFE becomes just LIFE. 


The RISE program will take you through a journey of self-discovery to reconnect with your deepest values, a journey towards exploring the paths ahead of you while meeting a community of like-minded people that will help you embrace this change.


Most of us will agree a successful life has balance, financial independence, a sense of belonging and fulfilling work. It usually feels like you must sacrifice one or more of of these to get the other. 


The truth is, there is a WIN-WIN-WIN solution. In order to be wildly successful, you must tap into your discretionary energy. This only comes out when you are galvanized with purpose and are in a growth mindset atmosphere. 


When you find a place where you can be yourself and belong, you will tap into this energy and feel a transformation. Strap on the rocket and lift off! 


With RISE, you will use proven methods to distill your purpose and core values, shift gears into the right mindset, identify the right skill and tools for sustainable growth, and pursue a new path that promises fulfillment and independence. 


All of this only matters if you have found your new community. We all have great ideas, but none of them matter if not executed, and we can't do it alone.


We need our community, our tribe, our board of directors that will invest in us, pull us up when we are down, cheer us on on our path and give us a purpose greater than ourselves. 

Image by Manikandan Annamalai

The four key Pillars of rise:

1) Reflect, the answers to who you are lie in your past, we will take you on that journey

2) Imagine the art of the possible with the paths that lay ahead and set intentions

3) Stories bring meaning to life, craft yours, and share it with the world 

4) Execute with impact, engage with your community, and embrace your path

why it works

The RISE program is a culmination of over 25 years of coaching and personal development experience and brings together, in a succinct format, the best theory and tools in this space out there.   


This 8 week program is designed to take you through a journey of reflection and reassessing, setting intention to imagine and explore the paths ahead a new path, obtaining the support from your community along with skills necessary for sustainable growth, and embracing a new future that you will execute with passion and a new sense of adventure.  


We must first make space in our minds to allow for a safe place, where we are going to do some exploration, and self discovery. Taking off our skeptical hats, we will objectively follow the lead of the method to guide us through the process.


The truth is, none of the facilitators are mind readers or magicians. Nobody can find your purpose or tell you who you are, and nobody is broken and nobody needs to be fixed. We must first agree that you already have the answers within. 


You just don’t know how to surface and articulate them yet. The magic is that the part of your brain that manages your belief systems, does not understand language, facts and figures. However, you are who you are already, we will help you surface the truths and articulate your true self.  


Once we are comfortable articulating who we are, what we stand for, we can now look ahead. Making the decision is one of the most critical elements to success, half the battle. Set an intention to a new path that you will now put energy towards, not just what is required but your whole self, tapping into that discretionary energy. Now we know what we want as our next big goal, our main thing. 


Your main thing may not be the next logical step in your journey, there may be additional skills, and support you need to obtain first. We may also need new daily rituals, to build sustainable high performance, what got you here, will not get you there. Next level growth requires you to RISE. 


Embrace the new decision and path! Feel the excitement, and don’t mistake it for fear. 


Now that we are in the right frame of mind, know how to obtain the right skills and build our support network, have a sustainable high performance culture with daily rituals, and the right tools and systems to keep us on track, we are now ready to execute this new vision. 

Karen Arce

"Being coached by this amazing team in my  journey of self awareness and personal development has given me the tools to navigate change and grow in different areas of my life"

Raj Sharma

"I not only joined a program that helped me find a new path (and nearly doubled my salary), I joined an amazing community that I continue to tap into a year after graduating"

Patrick Lee

"Moving into a brand new field, with no board of directors is a daunting task, and RISE has not only given me a support network but a path to find my community"

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