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You have an insatiable appetite for growth...

But you recognize climbing the corporate ladder doesn’t guarantee happiness or fulfillment

To you, a sense of belonging and a community you can share authentic experiences with are more important than fancy titles and money


You had hoped the path you were on would lead to what you wanted, but something inside is calling you to a new adventure, knowing you are capable of a lot more 


What started off as a subtle feeling that something isn’t quite right has now become a louder voice within you 


It’s time to ask yourself some hard questions you’ve been putting off

You're at a critical juncture in your career and life but haven’t been able to decide what the next steps look like  

You’re still climbing the ladder and hitting objectives but part of you is wondering how much longer can you keep it up

You know deep down that the path you are on won't achieve fulfillment or financial freedom 


You’re feeling indecisive and stagnation is starting to take hold 

If you are here and you’ve read this far, it’s time for a change 

It’s time to RISE and embark on a new adventure! 

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"Before joining RISE, I felt like I was wasting my time and creative potential working at a big architecture firm. I was nearing burn out from all the long hours, feeling isolated working remotely and seriously considering quitting.

Joining RISE helped me become a student of life again, pushing me to reconnect with myself, clarify the big questions in my career and life, and to take action with the support of the amazing coaches and community.

To my surprise, my conclusion was to stay as I finally realized how my current role fits into where I want to go. This peace of mind gave me renewed focus to give my all, and I ended up securing a 20% salary increase and a 2-level seniority promotion within a year, a rare feat in my industry!

Aria Zakeri, Architect

RISE Program Graduate


We specialize in creating communities of awesome people who want to make their mark on the world.


We help you understand your unique gifts, clarify what you are most passionate about, and shine a light on what has been holding you back.


We then enable you to chart a new path, and forge ahead in total alignment (personally, professionally and financially) with your authentic self.

Whether you are looking to accelerate your career trajectory and increase your earning potential, or take on a completely new adventure and bring deeper meaning to your work, you don’t have to find your path alone.


Our RISE program is the first step on your journey to discover a new path and define what success means to you.  

About us

We are three guys, united by our passion for helping good people do great things in their lives. We bring 25+ years of coaching and leadership experience in various fields.


We believe in the power of the collective and love bringing people together in vibrant online and offline communities.


We share a sense of adventure and have a bias to action, we’re not afraid to try and fail because for us, F.A.I.L. is just the First Attempt In Learning.

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The F.A.I.L. Series team bring a unique approach to their courses. What sets them apart is the individual focus they give you by investing the time in your personal development and success. 


Even while focusing on you as an individual they strike a balance in making it a collaborative experience with your peers, making it truly feel like you're part of a community. Not only did I leave the course with a strengthened direction in my career, I also made many lasting relationships.


The team has created something special here and I'm excited to see what's next!

Shezan Chagani, Cyber Security Consulting

RISE Program Graduate


We love enabling good people to do great things in their careers and beyond by taking thoughtful action and embracing FAILure as the First Attempt In Learning. To us, maintaining a deep sense of connection to our communities is an integral part of living a fulfilled, balanced life. 

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"When I started the RISE program, I had been struggling with work-life balance and managing expectations having taken on a new role leading a bigger team. 


RISE not only helped me understand myself better (with the Why Statement exercise a particular highlight), it also gave me actionable steps that I could take in the following week in my work and personal life.


By the end of the course, not only did I become friends with an amazing group of growth-minded people, I had gained clarity on why I’m doing what I’m doing and taken practical steps to become a better leader and live a more balanced life."

Cassie Li, Manager - IT Consulting

RISE Program Graduate

Image by Casey Horner

You won’t find us wearing suits doing icebreakers in a stuffy hotel, trying to engage people who attend because they’re paid to be there.


With nature, inspiration, and genuine communal connection at the core of what we offer, our attendees don’t leave checking their phones and racing out the door to get home.


They leave with hugs.

Join us to see for yourself!


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